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Death Of A Patient May Be Linked To Vaping—Study Shows

It has been revealed that by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 193 cases of severe lung diseases have been identified and it is being said that these illnesses are potentially caused due to vaping. It is now being reported that in Illinois, one of those people who were diagnosed with the disease has now died after being hospitalized. The patient has been understood to be one of the cases which involved patients aged between 17 and 38 and those that were recorded between June 28 and August 20 in this year.

Vaping is something which people have often been resorting to in order to stop smoking however the long term effects of vape is yet to be determined.

As far as the patient is concerned there isn’t any proof that the condition of the lungs of the patient was actually caused due to vaping.

But the common link among all the patients who have reported to the lung illness has been vaping. Some of them though have also admitted to the usage of Tetrahydrocannabinol which is the substance present in marijuana and is the reason why a user gets the ‘’high’’

The officials however are saying that they would need more information and further investigation of further theories to ascertain the actual cause of the illness. It is also being speculated that the illnesses caused may be due to heavy metal substances like lead.

The agencies have been using many resources in the investigation of the problem with the number of patients who have been growing in the days going by and some of those reporting the illness are reporting serious sometimes even permanent lung damage requiring days on ventilator.