China Changes Its Stance In The US-China Trade War Standoff

China is not ready to grant permission to the United States to get into its economic policies and legislative proceedings. However, it keeps on reducing its business in markets of America at a sharp and regular pace.

As per the data that was released on June 6 by the United States Department of Commerce, Chinese exports to the American market from January to April in the current year has seen a decline of 12.8% from the same period last year. This has driven the trade surplus to plummet 10%.

Chinese information that was released on Monday showed in the contrary, that the Chinese surplus on American trade was seeing an improvement. Yet, the figure could not be compared with the US figures directly, mainly due to the difference of techniques that was used to derive them.

However, it was a clear indication that the Chinese Government has taken the decision to engineer a drastic change in its policies, when it comes to trading with the US. It is estimated that the trade surplus of China with the United States during the January-April interval this year is likely to be 23.5% below than what it was all throughout the last year.

Way back in 2015 and 2016, Chinese leaders had rightly warned that if Donald trump became President, he would not allow the excessive Chinese trade surpluses on American trade. It is now perceived that they had rightly predicted the consequences in advance; when Trump was busy with his election campaigns.

China has drawn itself in a position, where the US has to call for a series of long standing changes in Beijing legislative council, and to has to keep a close vigil on every monitory policy that Beijing takes, as the conditions to balance the Sino-US trade accounts and to guarantee a reciprocal, free and fair trade relation between the two economic giants live on a fine thread.

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