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Better Technology Gives Better Understanding Of Gravity

The waves of gravitation go all across the Universe as ripples in space and time that were produced by the events which were as cataclysmic as they could possibly be.

With the facilities like the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) and also Virgo now available, it is possible to make a detection of the strongest ripples out of them as they wash across the Earth. The waves of gravitation though do leave a memory behind which is a permanent bend in the space and time as they go through and the humans have now reached a stage where detecting that is also not a farfetched idea, in fact, we are on the verge of it. This will allow us to push our understanding of gravitational waves to the very limits.

In spite of the fact that they are more than a century old, the theory given by Einstein related to general relatability is the only current understanding with regard to the operation of gravity. In this opinion, the time and space are merged with each other into one unified framework which is known as space-time. This is not just a fixed stage but it bends and flexes in the response to the presence of energy and matter.

That warping, bending, and flexing of the space-time after this goes ahead and tells the matter on how to move. As per general relativity, everything related to the speeding bullets to the spaceships to the light bits wants to travel using straight lines. However, the time and space around them are warped which forces them to follow trajectories that are curved for following directions that have a straight path.