Apple’s App Store Income Doubled Than Play Store in First half Of 2018

The App store of Apple has continued to outrun Google Play in terms of revenue in 2018 as well. Once again, App store has managed to generate revenue nearly twice as that of Play Store, according to the Sensor Tower’s report. The worldwide revenue that the App Store of Apple generated in the first two quarters of 2018 is $22.6 Billion and the revenue generated by the Play Store of Google is $11.8 Billion. To be precise, the revenue of App store is 1.9 times than that of Play Store. In the year 2017 as well, Apple has managed to generate revenue double than that of Google. Not only in 2017, but Apple has been doing so from last few years. There are a couple of factors because of which Apple manages to outrun Google. It is the known fact till now that the Android users spent much lesser time over the apps than that of the iOS users. One more factor leading to this scenario is that, Google’s customers can shop from other places like Samsung store or App store of Amazon for that matter. Another important factor is that Play store isn’t available in the China, but Apple has its App store service there.

Now for the year 2017, the total revenue generated by App Store was as high as $38.5 Billion, while Google’s revenue was around $20.1 Billion, again almost double! If the numbers of the current year are observed carefully, it becomes clear that the overall consumer spending over these stores is considerably higher than the previous years. According to the estimates by the Sensor Tower, the revenue for Apple is on the rise by almost 26.8% and that of Google is up with 29.7%.

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