Apple Describes iPhone Hack Technique By A Researcher As Wrong

Lately, one of the scientists dubbed Matthew Hickey stated that he can brute force an iPhone operating on iOS 11 and open it without any requirement of the handset owner. It was claimed that once the iOS 11-operating device is connected, the keyboard input has priority over the feature of passcode limit, something that permitted him to design an approach to brute force the handset. But now, the firm has answered claiming that the approach employed was wrong and that the consumers’ handsets are still secure.

Apple Describes iPhone Hack Technique By A Researcher As Wrong

Apple, arguing the claims, answered to the media claiming, “The latest report related to a bypass of passcode on iPhone was wrong, and was a result of wrong testing.” Astonishingly, the post is supported by the scientist himself on Twitter, who claimed that the hypothetical hack may not have a success rate of 100%.

“It seems @i0n1c maybe right, the pins don’t always go to the SEP in some instances (due to pocket dialing / overly fast inputs) so although it ‘looks’ like pins are being tested they aren’t always sent and so they don’t count, the devices register less counts than visible,” he posted on Tweeter.

It is worth stating that none of the 3rd-party sites or companies are capable of replicating the hack invented by Hickey. Prior to Apple’s interview, the scientist claimed that using the hack, somebody can employ all the possible combinations from 000000 to 999999 or 0000 to 9999 as one successive string without spaces and may be capable of getting through.

Even if there is a smallest amount of possibility for an attacker to get through, we expect Apple fixes it with the concluding edition of iOS 12. The specific OS variant for iPad and iPhone is in beta phase for now and the non-developer variant will come by the end of this year.

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