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Analysts feel investors should be more bullish for 2020.

The stocks are currently at a high however the investors may be acting a little too cautiously as they head in to the year 2020.

There are analysts who say that the investors seem to be scared of what the New Year might bring in. However they feel that the bull market might be here to stay for a little bit longer.

On Friday, the stocks went through a mixed day after China and United States were able to reach a phase one agreement on their trade dispute. This agreement contained a few reliefs when it comes to taxation and also promises of increase in the purchase of agriculture and the change in to structure of intellectual property and issues related to technology.

Despite the ups and downs they feel that heading into 2020, there is more reason to stay bullish than not.

They feel that the fact that Central banks around the globe are continuously printing money is enough for the investors to know. As they go into the end of the year the markets will be seeing an upward trend particularly in the next year where there will be close to a 13% upside from the levels that the markets are in currently.

Further, an analyst feels that the golden cross in technical language was achieved when the moving 50 day average had crossed above the moving average of 200 days on the Small Cap index Russell 2000 on the 5th of November. Post that, the Small Caps have been performing very well and this is not just in the United States as the European Small Caps performed particularly well too and had a golden cross similarly on 28th of October.