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Amazon Aims To Develop Its Biggest Skyscraper In Bellevue

Amazon is getting ready to develop a huge presence in Bellevue, WA, the wealthy region of Seattle where it was initially established. The firm this week started the permitting procedure for Bellevue 600, a 43-story building in the downtown of the city that will house an expected 4,200 employees, claimed the media. Not only will the tower be the biggest developed by Amazon, it will be the biggest in the city. The expected conclusion date for the building is 2024.

The firm has special tactics for Bellevue, where it aims to bring an expected 6,500 jobs over the next years to come. Amazon is aiming on relocating its complete universal operations team to Bellevue from Seattle over the years to come. Apart from the new Bellevue building, Amazon has locked half a dozen leases of presently existing or planned office space in the region, as per media.

The reason for the return of Amazon to Bellevue is not purely nostalgic. After plans by Amazon to build a fraction of its “HQ2” in New York City failed, the firm was obliged to look at other alternatives, comprising in its own Washington State. Bellevue has not officially been announced as HQ2, but will expectedly absorb at least some of the roles aimed for the fragmented NYC office.

On a related note, maybe with an aim on the next gen of employees that may be eager to work in coding or on its delivery robots, Amazon is financially supporting robotics and computer science programs in its Seattle home base at almost 30 public schools. From this winter, the Future Engineer Robotics awards will offer schools with extended access to a personal tour of an Amazon robotics fulfillment hub and computer science learning. The schools will also receive support to deploy FIRST robotics teams, comprising professional development in robotics for teachers.