Acting Budget Chief Works Towards Delaying The Huawei Ban Implementation

According to one of the latest reports, present budget chief of the White House is planning to delay various restrictions which are imposed by the US government on Huawei. The request was made by Russell Vought through a letter which he addressed to the Congressmen and Mike Pence.

Back in May 2019, the American President had imposed national emergency as he suspected that American technologies are at a major threat. Furthermore, Huawei was blacklisted by Commercial Department thus the Chinese company wasn’t able to operate in the US.

Russell Vought has pleaded to delay the implementation of NDA Act. Last year President Donald Trump had signed National Defense Authorization Act. According to this policy, Huawei was targeted by the government.

In his letter Russell Vought has written that due to present provisions most of the companies won’t be able to provide products to the government. Through the letter Russell Vought also stated that though US government sees these prohibitions essential for national security but in the long term it will cause serious impact on the shareholders.

The American government had imposed ban on Huawei after it accused the mobile manufacturing giant that it is working for the Chinese government. Huawei was accused that it is providing private data of its mobile users to the Chinese officials. Thus, to safeguard the interests of the American citizens President Trump had banned Huawei and it has also cancelled numerous future projects with the company.

Contrary to this, the CEO of Huawei said that the mobile manufacturing company follows confidentiality norms and it doesn’t spy on its users data. Previously, in one of the press events CEO of Huawei had accused Donald Trump. Ren Zhengfeihad said that the present actions are taken against Huawei as the company is getting more market shares in comparison to various American mobile manufacturing companies.

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