Former AI Boss Of Google Hired By Apple To Help Advance Siri
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Former AI Boss Of Google Hired By Apple To Help Advance Siri

The AI (artificial intelligence) unit of Apple will be getting a huge perk up as John Giannandrea—the previous head of AI and search of Google, is all geared up to connect with the company. The New York Times (NYT) was the foremost one to report this news. Giannandrea started working and heading the AU and search units of Google back in 2010 subsequent to the resigning of head of search, Amit Singhal. As per NYT’s report, the Cupertino-based technology giant corroborated that Giannandrea will direct the “AI strategy and machine learning” of the company and will be directly reporting to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

Cook declared in an email sent to workers that Giannandrea was going to join Apple. As per NYT’s report, he also mentioned, “John shares our pledge to confidentiality and our thoughtful perspective as we develop computers even more personal and smarter.” The shift comes even as Amazon and Google are taking lead in machine learning and artificial intelligence, in particular, in consumer products, whereas Apple is deemed to be lagging behind.

In the meantime, Jeff Dean, at Google, will be directing the complete AI unit at the firm. At present, Dean is head of the research unit of the company on machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google Brain, and a renowned specialist in the field itself.

Apple, although it assisted delineate the early market for the voice-based digital assistants, has had neither the admittance to information nor the research resources and talent to advance artificial intelligence development with the matching intensity level as its opponents. The iPhone 4S of Apple was the foremost handset to arrive with Siri, the very own digital voice-assistant of the firm. However, in the last few years, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have stirred ahead, whereas Siri is supposed as lagging behind in accuracy terms.

However, with the joining of Giannandrea, Apple might be able to employ more top-level talent and enhance its algorithms, an achievement the firm has long said it aspires to attain without breaking its standpoint on privacy.