Study Claims, People Get Crazy By Consuming Cannabis

Recently, it was found by a study that, one third of psychotic disorders are caused by the use of cannabis in London. The chances of were tripled by taking daily dose of cannabis of developing a mental disorder, was concluded by the study in Lancet. Christian Institute, by which results were reported said that, users were made five times more likely to get affected by consuming forms with high levels of the vigorous element THC. Among May 1, 2010, and April 1, 2015, it was explained by the study that the data was obtained from 901 affected people across eleven cities with 1st episode psychosis and 1,237 people controls from those similar cities.

As per the reports, increased odds of psychotic disorder were associated with the use of cannabis as compare with people who never use them. The study found that, for regular use of high-potency kind of cannabis, the odds were approximately 5 times greater. It said, the prevalence in control were positively correlated with psychotic disorders across eleven cities of usage of high effectiveness cannabis and regular use. Differences in usage of high effectiveness cannabis and in frequency of regular cannabis usage contributed to the shrinking variation in the incidence of psychotic disorder across eleven studied sites, said the study.

Findings given by us possess substantial implications for public health and mental health services said the researchers in the context of reviewed biological and epidemiological evidence of a causal link among psychotic disorder and cannabis. To inform the public regarding the mental health hazards of daily consumption of high potency cannabis, which is becoming progressively accessible worldwide education is needed. If one decides to consume these high effective cannabis they need to keep this in mind that there is this possible risk of cancer, warned Marta Di Fort, lead researcher.

Ankit Kadam

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