A Bottle Of Wine Is Similar To Few Cigarettes For Risk Of Cancer

According to a new research by United Kingdom, consuming a whole bottle of wine every week might be equivalent to smoking 5–10 cigarettes in the same period of time in terms of risk of cancer. The research was printed in BMC Public health journal recently, and with regard to risk of cancer, it became the first one to estimate corresponding of alcohol.  It was found by researchers that; the increase risk of cancer is associated with smoking 10 cigarettes every week for women and 5 cigarettes each week for men.

Basically, the main aim of the study was to convey the risk of cancer that are linked to moderate consumption of alcohol, as drinking alcohol is usually considered as of less harmful compare to smoking cigarettes. Indeed, studies in both United Kingdom and the United States have found that a lot of people were not aware to link of alcohol to cancer. In the year 2017, a survey was done by American Society of Clinical Oncology in which they found that 70% people of America were totally clueless regarding drinking alcohol plays as a cancer risk factor.

Dr. Theresa Hydes, lead author of the study said in recent statement that, a useful measure for communicating probable risks of cancer, which exploits positive historical messaging on smoking were provided by us estimation of a cigarette corresponding for alcohol. By using cigarettes as the comparator, we hope that we might interconnect this message more efficiently to aid people make more informed routine adoptions. Still, researchers have been stressing over that the study is not saying that moderate consumption of alcohol is the identical thing as smoking. Cancer risks were only considered by the study and bot additional health conditions, like heart disease. Lifetime risk of cancer was looked upon by the study.


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