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Russia Plans Launch Of Don Super Heavy Rocket In 2029

Russia announced through space magazine Sputnik that it will soon launch super heavy rocket Don in 2029 which will deliver a unique takeoff cum landing complex on the moon. This million will enable testing of landing facilities on the moon’s surface so that future landing mission of cosmonauts from Russia to the moon’s surface will become easy. This super heavy class carrier rocket will have capability of delivering payloads weighing nearly 130 metric tons in low earth orbing and 32 metric ton worth of payloads within the lunar orbit. Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin told that lunar exploration is very important for Russian Space division that was created by President Vladimir Putin.

Both the scientific council of Roscosmos and Russian Academy of Science has been considering the prospect of exploring and examining the moon.  The first manned moon mission of Russia is likely to become a reality in 2031 and Russia is likely to make the construction of lunar base a reality by 2036- 2040 and will also help scientists find out how water appeared on the moon. This was because last year it was reported on varied media that several frozen water reserves have been discovered around Polar Regions of the moon. During January this year Rogozin also announced that Roscosmos would create a Federation Spacecraft while upgrading the Soyuz spacecraft for flights to the moon. He also stated that Russia is in negotiations with NASA for travel to the Moon’s orbit station. Other nations that are queuing up to send manned flights to moon are China’s Space Agency and USA’s NASA within the next decade. Towards the end of 2017 US president Trump has directed NASA to enable expansion of humans across the solar system and starting from 2023 besides orbiting the moon US astronauts will start landing on its surface.


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