Microsoft Purchases GitHub For $7.5 Billion

Microsoft this week claimed that it was purchasing GitHub for $7.5 Billion. Now, GitHub is an open software platform employed by 28 Million developers. The agreement is an attempt by Microsoft to attain ground in the Internet epoch of software development, where apps more and more operate on remote data hubs.

Microsoft Purchases GitHub For $7.5 Billion

Amazon so far is the dominator in the cloud market, but Microsoft has changed itself in past couple of years turn out to be a strong No. 2 as a provider of cloud computing offerings. Its imperative database software and Office productivity apps are obtainable in cloud variants.

Microsoft also vies with Salesforce, IBM, Google, and others in the cloud market. All of them are attempting to entice software engineers to employ their cloud services and tools. The more developers on a firm’s platform, the extra software apps are generated, drawing users and programmers.

On a similar note, Microsoft and AWS (Amazon Web Services) earlier joined forces to roll out a deep learning and an open-source interface “Gluon” that will assist developers to deploy models of machine learning all over various platforms. As per a report, the interface might offer developers a place where they can build, prototype, deploy, and train models of machine learning. “Today’s truth is that training and building models of machine learning needs a great deal of specialized expertise and heavy lifting,” Vice President of Amazon AI, Swami Sivasubramanian, claimed to the media in an interview.

“We made the Gluon interface so training models and building neural networks can be as simple as developing an app,” Sivasubramanian claimed. The firms claim that “Gluon” is an easy-to-understand and concise programming interface in comparison to other services, and it offers developers an opportunity to swiftly experiment and prototype with models of neural network without sacrificing performance. “We think it is significant for the sector to pool resources and work together to build technology that advantages the broader society,” claimed Corporate Vice President of Microsoft AI and Research, Eric Boyd, to the media in an interview.

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