Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Might Have 512 GB Of Internal Memory

Samsung, the South Korean user electronics behemoth, is claimed to be operating on its upcoming flagship device named as Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The web is filled with a range of rumors and leaks about the soon-to-be rolled out phablet. Now, a fresh report has surfaced online recommending that the Galaxy Note 9 might arrive in 512 GB internal memory version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Might Have 512 GB Of Internal Memory

Till now Samsung has just rolled out handsets with 256 GB of internal memory and this will be the Samsung handset to feature such large capacity for storage. According to a Twitter user @osctws, a leaked picture of the device in question discloses that the handset might feature 512 GB of on-board memory. On the other hand, it is hoped that the firm may not bring this version to all the regions. Also going by the fashion it is very improbable that the firm might launch this version to the smartphone market in India.

It is anticipated that the firm might roll out the 256 GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in China and South Korea.

On more report disclosed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is claimed to be fueled by 2 chips. In some areas, the Galaxy Note 9 is anticipated to be fueled by firm’s own Exynos 9810 chip and in other areas the device is claimed to bundle Snapdragon Qualcomm 845 chip. It is hoped that just akin to its precursor, the Galaxy Note 9 will also feature a setup for dual rear camera. The device is claimed to sport a QHD+ 6.4-inch screen.

On a related note, last week an online report recommended that the Galaxy Note 9 is claimed to be powered by a battery worth 4000 mAh. According to an Ice universe’s tweet that is claimed to have a good reputation with forthcoming Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note 9 will have a battery worth 4000mAh and he is “100% certain” of this.

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