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Unicode Bug Discovered To Crash iOS Messages Application On iPads And iPhones

Since few days many of us would have learned about the new emoji message which can paralyze the WhatsApp application on Android phones. The general idea of it is quite easy: the series of code encloses a couple thousand imperceptible characters besides a black dot emoji and that is what makes the WhatsApp unresponsive. Thus, it seems that the identical Unicode bug is functioning on iPhone as well; however, the condition is worse for the iOS device users.

Unicode Bug Discovered To Crash iOS Messages Application On iPads And iPhones

The black dot, on Android, merely freezes the WhatsApp if you click on it. After the application becomes unresponsive, all one needs to do to repair it is to kill the application and start it again. Nevertheless, on iPad and iPhone, things are too much bad. It is sufficient to break down the Messages application on any iOS that gets it. The prey does not even require tapping on the incoming emoji to set off the breakdown.

This issue cannot be fixed by closing the application. One will have to erase the message so as to reinstate functionality to their Messages application. However, to do that, one will require to log into another device and erase the entire thread. Or the other option to fix entails making use of 3D Touch on their iPhone to re-access Messages on a fresh Message screen and after that locate your way to the core messages list and erase the thread that is breaking down the application.

Surely this will be fixed by Apple in the further iOS release. However, for now, it functions on all iOS versions existing out there, comprising the newest beta releases.

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