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New Map Explore Feature Of Snapchat Will Allow You Find Events And Friends

New Map Explore Feature Of Snapchat Will Allow You Find Events And Friends

Snapchat, the photo-sharing app, has introduced out a new function dubbed as “Map Explore” that will make it simpler for consumers to see updates of friends and find events on Snap Map. Snap claimed that the location and travel updates will mechanically come into view on Snap Map of the user when friends select to share their position, claimed the local media this week.

New Map Explore Feature Of Snapchat Will Allow You Find Events And Friends

The function will also display Explore upgrades for Story snaps, comprising events and other breaking news from all over the world, claimed the report. “We created “Map Explore” since we observed that when you unlock the Map, you are not always certain where to begin your journey,” Snapchat claimed to the media in an interview

“Unless you swiped out of your town, you may never notice some of the astonishing events our society,” claimed the firm.  To get your hands on the feature, when you open the app, pinch to zoom out from the camera screen. Click on new updates on the screen locate at the bottom, then swipe horizontally to go through updates of other content and from your friends from Snap Map. If you need to turn on Ghost Mode or remove your status, click on the Settings option of the map present at top right hand.

Earlier, the company rolled a feature where advertisers can include Context Cards to their filters and lenses for free, offering consumers more data about the filters and lenses they play with. Consumers can swipe up on snap of any friend that comprises a sponsored filter or lens and open up the URL of the linked website without exiting Snapchat.

But more significantly, Context Cards allow advertisers straightly track their return on investment (ROI). Up till now, advertisers might use sponsored filters and lenses to trace engagement—the number of users for how long they played with the sponsored filters and lenses.

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