Number Of Apple iPhone Consumers In India To Cross The Mark Of 10 Million In 2018

Number Of Apple iPhone Consumers In India To Cross The Mark Of 10 Million In 2018

Apple is ready to be the 11th handset brand in India to have over 10 Million consumers in the nation, as per a fresh report issued last week. As of end of last year, there were 8.9 Million iPhone consumers in the country and with an inclusion of predictable 3 Million units this year, the firm will surpass the mark of 10 Million, as per information offered by Mobilytiks.

Number Of Apple iPhone Consumers In India To Cross The Mark Of 10 Million In 2018

Now, Mobilytiks is a big data analytics program by market research company CMR (CyberMedia Research) for mobile smartphones rolled out in the country. On the other hand, if Apple agrees to go hostile with its assembly strategies in India, the mark will be attained shortly through the year since that will offer Apple the entry into market of mid premium handsets via iPhone SE and other previously variants of iPhone, claimed the report.

There are already 10 companies having achieved this mark. Established companies such as Samsung have even exceeded the mark of 100 Million by having over 120 Million handset consumers by the end of 2017. Simultaneously, up-and-coming companies such as Xiaomi had more than 28 Million handset users.

On the other hand, in a market that price sensitive where 56% of the handsets traded are still in the category of Rs 10,000, attaining a milestone of 10 Million active consumers is an extraordinary accomplishment, claimed the report. Apple shall attain this milestone regardless of its “Make in India” plan with the average level of 3 Million exports it performs every year, it claimed.

Shares of Apple Inc. jumped to a record high as more experts set a trillion-dollar capitalization on the firm, after a blowout quarter four and an optimistic forecast that canceled investor concerns regarding the iPhone X. The stock jumped to $174.26 by as much as 3.7%, briefly crossing $900 Billion in market worth.

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