Verified Single Users On Twitter May Find Love Partner

Verified Single Users On Twitter May Find Love Partner

If you are single and have a confirmed Twitter account, then here is good news for you. Twitter with the help of Loveflutter has rolled out a premium variant for those users with the desirable blue ticks on their account. Loveflutter is a dating application that assists you to find a match based on your tweets

“We are leveraging world-class verification system of Twitter to make dating more secure. With almost 200,000 accounts confirmed by photo id issued by the government, the blue tick community of Twitter is the biggest pool of 100% real online users, anywhere,” said the authorized blog post of the company.

Verified Single Users On Twitter May Find Love Partner

But this is not all that the app is providing. You can also get together with people near you based on your interest in other stuffs such as film, music, politics, fashion, and other. As of now, this app is being introduced out in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, New York, and Tokyo. The app will be free of cost for the first 1000 users.

Earlier, Twitter rolled out a new enhanced option to mute the notifications from those accounts that you do not follow. The enhanced filters for notification can be organized on the web via the “Notifications” tab located on the timeline. Users need to click on the “Settings” choice and tick the boxes of favored filters. iOS users need to click on the “Gear’” icon located in the notifications section, followed by “Advanced Filters” to have admission to the preferred choices. Android users need to follow the similar instructions.

In addition to this, the company rolled out the “Automatic Night Mode.” As the name proposes, “Automatic Night Mode” turns the Night Mode on as soon as it is sunset. It is noteworthy that users can modify “Automatic Night Mode” from the app’s settings to manual.

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